Watch your drawings come to life with this unique freeware animation tool.

At first ImpulseDraw seems to be an ordinary drawing program with tools for adding rectangles, polygons and circles to a scene. What makes it different from any other drawing program is a built-in 2D rigid body dynamics engine. When you hit the play button, your scene animates and shapes bounce against each other in a realistic-looking way.

ImpulseDraw saves position and motion data for animated scenes to a text file in a JSON-based format. This makes it possible to generate a scene using Impulse draw and then manually change values inside the file using a text editor. It also makes it possible to write scripts which generate ImpulseDraw files programmatically or write software to read in the animation data output by ImpulseDraw for use in a rendered animation such as in this video. ImpulseDraw files are JSON-based

Impulse draw is free Mac OS X software, click here to get the latest version: Download.